Permaculture Design Course

Permaculture Design Course
January - Acre - Amazon - Brazil
Permaculture is to live in harmony with nature providing for human needs and the needs of everything around us

Permaculture Earthworks Course - September 2019 - Portugal

Permaculture Earthworks Course
Serra da Estrela -  Portugal 
20 to 22 September 2019

Course taught by David "Doc" Spice
  and Helder Valente 

In the face of drought and desertification, well-designed water harvesting earthworks such as swales, ponds, and dams are the most effective way to channel water into productive use. The result can be increased food production, higher groundwater levels, reduced irrigation needs, reforestation and enhanced ecosystem resilience. Yet due to a lack of knowledge, designers, and landowners often build earthworks that are costly, inappropriately sized and sited, or even dangerous. This course will give you the knowledge and confidence to get your earthworks right, first time around. Our mission is to teach you the techniques to construct multi-functional ecologically diverse landscapes, aiding in the regeneration of the biosphere.
Earthworks construction can be a rewarding investment in your property. Enhancing the aesthetic appeal, functionality and value of your landscape are all realistic potential outcomes.This earthworks course is a hands-on course that will help you design and implement water harvesting strategies on your property. You will learn the theory and practice of Permaculture Earthworks – learning site design skills, surveying and directing earthmoving machines to establish dams, swales, terraces, access roads and more.

Some of the uses of a Water Landscape

Creating a water holding, or so called water retention space is of course, all about restoring the hydrological balance of our property. It is the first and most important step to having longterm sustainable yields while regenerating the earth. However, having to hire a machine to get your infrastructure right, doing this course to get the knowledge, can be quite an investment. However, the return on this investment may surprise you, as having a water landscape will and can serve multiple purposes (some of which may even create an extra income).
reverse the desertification process can serve as fire protection. Not only by creating a green zone barrier (lake & wetter area & trees) in the midst of fire, but also as water reservoir for the fire fighters (make sure it is accessible for their truck and let your local fire department know where it is located).prevents flooding and top soil rain erosion ,a water reservoir for irrigation in times of droughts essential for soil restore and thus reforestation is a watering place for animals and creates biodiversity can be cultivated for water gardening can be used as a fishery (for self consumption, for direct sales, for your own restaurant, or as a fishing pond where people pay to rent the canes and fish. Or all combined. )cultivation of e.g. freshwater mussel or crayfish can be used to grow organic products around and sell can be used as part of a schooling program can be used as a swimming area for your own use or for tourism can be used as a recreational space for tourists, especially when bigger. Swimming, snorkling, stand up paddling, row boats, fishing etc.


Earthwork Course Objective

Students will understand the principles of permaculture design in earthworks: reading the site, interpreting contour maps and using surveying tools, placing elements in a design. Students will be able to use the basic terminology for earthworks and soil water management, resolve issues and work with contractors to direct earth movers in action.

Introduction To Permaculture Earthworks

Reason for earthworks and types of earthworks,
Earthwork elements and types of machines Learning how to use survey equipment; learning practical surveying and design of dams and swales
Learning how to direct earth movers Roads as water harvesters (hardware and software relationships)

Dams And Spillways

Design systems with multiple elements Specifics of dam construction and design issues Tour farm site to identify different elements on the farm Survey of dams. Break into groups for survey designs

Freeboard and spillways

Free board for dams and swales
Marking out level sill-spillways

Swales, diversion drains and gabions

Specifics of swales Integration of swales into a system including planting-up of the system Visit existing swale sites
Surveying of potential sites. Break into groups for survey designs
Diversion drains, for harvesting water to dams
Leaky weirs

Earth Banks

House Sites/Benches/Terraces
Access tracks/driveways/crossing pipes
Activity: Stability Plan-Ups and Erosion Control
Placing of swivel pipes and crossing pipes

Review Of Earthworks

Questions and answers from class
Miniature Earthworks Exercise by students

More information

Curso do Poder Interior / Inner Power Course

Constelações familiares

com Permacultura Social
(English below)

Da sobrevivência para a vida 
Estamos neste planeta para viver e não para sobreviver 
Cura para todos os relacionamentos

10 e 11 de Agosto em Sintra - Portugal

Durante 2 dias, vamos mergulhar num dos continentes mais surpreendentes, o seu continente interior, onde vamos libertar quaisquer bloqueios que te fazem preso a nível pessoal ou profissional, criando uma nova vida .

Liberte a sua auto-confiança, o seu poder interior para criar a vida e realizar os seus sonhos e que tanto merece.

Neste curso vamos ter Helder e Orianne compartilhando diferentes métodos que ajudarão as pessoas a entender como podemos criar um mundo melhor, começando com nós próprio e depois integrando os outros.

Os tópicos deste curso serão:

constelações familiares
pensamento sistémico
permacultura social
Comunicação Não Violenta
Ecologia profunda
 ecstactic dance
Dragon Dreaming
Vida comunitária

É hora de projetar um novo paradigma social

Seja qual for o problema que as pessoas sofrem
 sempre há uma solução:

-    qualquer dor,
-    dificuldades com relacionamentos
-    quaisquer problemas com abundância, dinheiro, sucesso
-    qualquer dor após experiências traumáticas
-    qualquer desconexão com a sua família.

Constelações familiares pode ajudar a encontrar a paz em si mesmo e um bom lugar na sua família, e a sua vida, e também para se reconectar com seu poder interior, auto-confiança e os seus dons.

Constelações familiares é um processo muito suave e poderoso que permite que você se livre de qualquer tristeza, raiva ou medo que não lhe pertence , se reconectar com os seus antepassados permitem melhorar o relacionamento com seus pais, seu parceiro de vida e os seus filhos .

Este processo foi criado por Bert Hellinger na década de sessenta.

Se você está interessado, mas precisa ter mais informações, 
Orianne Corman vai responder a todas as suas perguntas durante o próximo curso.

INP - Inner Power Course


The 10 of August

From survival to life
We are on this planet to live and not to survive

 Orianne Corman and Helder Valente

 INFO Contacto:

SINTRA - Portugal

During 2 days we will dive into one of the most amazing continents, your inner continent to release any blockages that make you stuck in your personal or professional life.

Unleash your self-confidence, your inner power to create the life your dream and deserve.

On this course we will have Helder and Orianne sharing different methods that will help people understand how can we create a better world, starting with us and then integrating the others.

The topics on this course will be:

Family constelations
System Thinking
Social permaculture
Play therapy
Non Violent Communication
Deep Ecology
Ecstactic dancing
Dragon Dreaming
Community living

Its time to design a new social paradigm

Whatever problem people suffer from:
-    any grief,
-    difficulties to find the right life partner
-    any problems with abundance, money, success
-    any pain after miscarriage, abortion, infertility,
-    any disconnection with your family.

Family constellations can help to find peace in yourself and a good place in your family, and your life, and also to reconnect with your inner power, self-confidence and your gifts.

Family constellations is a very soft and powerful process that allows you to free you from any grief, anger, fear that doesn’t belong to you, reconnect with powerful ancestors, allow to improve your relationships with your parents, your life partner and your children.

This process was created by Bert Hellinger in the sixties.

If you are interested but need to have more information,
Orianne Corman will answer to all your questions during the next course or with online private sessions.

Orianne Corman (54 years old from Belgium)  is an international well-known Family and Organisational Constellations practitioner. She is a member of ISCA (International Association of Constellation's Practitioners) with 20 years of practice.
She is also a family Constellation teacher and she created an Online Academy in French and in English.
She is also the writer of a Best-Selling E-book “ Finding peace after terminating a pregnancy”

To know more about her, please visit her website:


Helder studied and worked with pioneers like Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton in Turkey, Doug Bullock in the Amazon, Rosemary Morrow in Austria, Graham Bell in Scotland, Darren dougherty, Ernst Gotcsh, Sepp Holzer in Portugal and many others in countries like Haiti, Canada, Egipt, Finland, Peru, always learning and practicing this sustainable design methods.
While living in the city he dedicated 5 years on developing urban permaculture projects and for the last 5 years traveling and developing permaculture institutes around the world. 

 It all started in 2009 teaching permaculture to students at the agriculture university and since then learning and teaching in many different climates and getting to know the old ways and new ways of sharing information.

 By December 2012 in the Peruvian Amazon working in support to the shipibo indigenous communities Helder created the New School Permaculture and  is now developing alternative educational methods.

In 2013 the New School has been presenting at the IPC International Permaculture congress in Cuba and its often invited for lectures at the European Permaculture Congress and many universities worldwide.

The New School Permaculture uses creative and inspiring educational tools that enable the students to empower each other in a way that many people have never experienced in their lives before.

To see testimonials from our students

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The course is presented by creative non formal education methods, that are based on creating a bridge between the right and left side of the brain, so that the analytical and creative abilities of the students get fully stimulated and get the most out of the experience...for many people is the most empowering and inspiring transformative process of their lives...and they carry this with them every were they go....and thats our goal.


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Permaculture is to create paradise on earth starting at the kitchen garden

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