....................In your hands is the power of the empire...............

....................In    your    hands    is    the    power    of    the    empire...............

PDC Permaculture Design Course - September - Island of S.Miguel - Azores

PDC Permaculture Design Course - September - Island of S.Miguel - Azores
Join us to know all about Permaculture
Permaculture is to live in harmony with nature providing for human needs and the needs of the ecosystems

Permaculture Courses by the New School Permaculture

The New School Permaculture is a non formal school with the vision to create harmonious social and ecological learning environments.

Our Mission is to focus our energy on researching and developing 

sustainable educational methods to inspire active elements of change in this world.

The intention with our courses is to empower our students so that 

they become more connected with their dreams and passions and 
more aware about how to create beneficial connections that will 
contribute to our local and global dreams.

All courses are taught by Helder Valente and by the New School Permaculture team and most of them are at Atlantis Food Forest .

PDC - Permaculture Design Course

The PDC is based on the ethics and principles of Permaculture: earth care, people care and fair share, providing practical solutions to the global crises we are currently facing.

Permaculture is a sustainable design system that provides for human needs while having positive effects on the surrounding environment. 

The subjects covered during the PDC include:

The ethics and principles of Permaculture

Learning strategies
Educational Methods
Reading the landscape
Pattern in design
Water preservation
Forest and trees
Soils building
Buildings and natural construction
Community development
Alternative economies


Past courses:

To know more about the PDC click HERE

For 2017 

FFC - Food Forest Course

On the FFC you will learn about forest gardening and how to develop and maintain a food forest. 

The concepts that you will learn can applyed on any other climate of the world.

The subjects covered during the FFC include:

Agro ecology
Food Forest creation and management
How to combine fruits and veggies
Plants and tres species
How, when and where to plant
Climate zones
Social forests

To know more about the FFC click HERE

For 2016 we will have a FFC at Atlantis Food Forest - Spain

PSC - Permaculture Social Course

The SPC is designed to be useful to anyone who interacts with others. So unless you are a hermit, that´s you! 

You will learn how to design and take care for ourselves, our communities and the planet.

The subjects covered during the PSC include:

Positive communication

Intentional communities
Social organisation
Conflict resolution
Project management
Decision making
Power of celebration
Alternative economies
New School Education

                                   To know more about the PSC click HERE

For 2017 we will have 1 PSC in Azores


PTC - Permaculture Teacher  Course

In TPC you will learn about what are the main patterns in education and how to manage them in a way that the students get empowered. 

How to design a lesson and a classroom, how to develop a course, 

promotion and preparations, hosting and celebration. 

How to teach a PDC or any other course of any kind and how to make  a living out of it, supporting the needs of nature and of people. 

The subjects covered during the PTC include:

Class vision
Learning styles
Schools social systems
Learning strategies
Education Methods
Social pattern in Design
PDC and courses content 

To know more about the PTC click HERE

For 2017 we will have a PTC on Tenerife - Spain

Permaculture Teacher Course 16 to 20 July 2017

PIV - Permaculture Island Visits

To know more about the PIV click HERE

For 2017 we will have PIV starting at Atlantis Food Forest.

Permaculture Island Visits  13 to 17 July

Permaculture Island Visits  16 to 17 October


To know more about our activities:


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PDC Permaculture Design Course in Paradise Island - Spain August 2016

New School Permaculture PDC
Permaculture Design Course
1-12 August 2016

Course taught by Helder Valente and

the New School Permaculture  Team.

This course will be at the New School Permaculture farm.
The Atlantis food forest garden

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This course will be in the beautiful subtropical island of Tenerife.

This island has amazing microclimates, you can find plants from cold climates like chestnuts or rhubarb with tropical fruits like mangoes or pineaples all growing verry toguether.

What is Permaculture?
Permaculture is a sustainable design system that provides for human needs while having positive effects on the surrounding environment.

 It is based on the ethics of earth care, people care and fair share, and provides practical solutions to the global crises we are currently facing.

Helder studied and worked with pioneers like Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton in Turkey, Doug Bullock in the Amazon, Rosemary Morrow in Austria, Graham Bell in Scotland, Darren dougherty, Ernst Gotcsh, Sepp Holzer in Portugal and many others in countries like Haiti, Canada, Egipt, Finland, Peru, always learning and practicing this sustainable design methods.

While living in the city he dedicated 5 years on developing urban permaculture projects and for the last 5 years traveling and developing permaculture institutes around the world. 

 It all started in 2009 teaching permaculture to students at the agriculture university and since then learning and teaching in many different climates and getting to know the old ways and new ways of sharing information.

 By December 2012 in the Peruvian Amazon working in support to the shipibo indigenous communities Helder created the New School Permaculture and  is now developing alternative educational methods.

In 2013 the New School has been presenting at the IPC International Permaculture congress in Cuba

The New School Permaculture uses creative and inspiring educational tools that enable the students to empower each other in a way that many people have never experienced in their lives before.

To see testimonials from our students
click HERE

The course is presented by creative non formal education methods, that are based on creating a bridge between the right and left side of the brain, so that the analytical and creative abilities of the students get fully stimulated and get the most out of the experience...for many people is the most empowering and inspiring transformative process of their lives...and they carry this with them every were they go....and thats our goal.

To see what grows in the region
click HERE

The subjects covered during this Permaculture Design Course include:

The ethics and principles of Permaculture
Learning strategies

Educational Methods
 Reading the landscape 
Pattern in design
Water preservation
Forests and trees
Soils building
Buildings and natural construction
Alternative economies
Community development

To know more about the content of the course you can check our videos on you tube


Event is also on facebook

There is an early bird discount until the 10 of May.


Hope to see you together with us on this adventure

En castellano

En Atlantis Food Forest Garden, los Silos
El curso sigue un plan de estudios conjunto y conduce al Certificado en Diseño de Permacultura internacionalmente reconocido.
Facilitado por Helder Valente y amigos de la Permacultura New School.
Helder estudió y trabajó con pioneros como Bill Mollison, Sepp Holzer, Doug Bullock, Rosemary Morrow, Darren dougherty, Ernst Gotsh y otros, y ahora enseña en todo el mundo.
Se inició en 2009 con la enseñanza de la permacultura a estudiantes en la Universidad Agrícola y desde entonces continúa el aprendizaje y la enseñanza en muchos climas diferentes.
Mientras vivía en la ciudad dedicó 3 años al desarrollo de un proyecto de permacultura urbana en el centro de Lisboa y co-creó el Instituto de Permacultura Portugués.
Así es como empezó todo.
Helder nunca se detuvo y estos últimos meses pasó su tiempo de trabajo con los agricultores quechuas en los Andes, el diseño de proyectos en la selva amazónica y ecoaldeas como Findhorn.
Muy recientemente, fue uno de los presentadores en el IPC Convergencia Internacional de Permacultura en La Habana Cuba
En esta oportunidad, el PDCse celebra en la hermosa isla subtropical de Tenerife (Islas Canarias – España), que cuenta con una variedad increíble de microclimas.
Los temas tratados durante este Curso de Diseño de Permacultura incluyen:
Ética y principios de la Permacultura
Estrategias de aprendizaje
El concepto de “Patrones” en el diseño
Conservación del agua
Producción de alimentos
Los bosques y los árboles
Contrucción de suelo
Edificios y construcciones naturales
Economías alternativas
Desarrollo comunitario

Los primeros tres días de este curso se pueden reservar como Curso Introductorio de Permacultura, o puede permanecer para el curso completo PDC.
INFO Contacto:

Your comments are very apreciated

Your comments are very apreciated
Permaculture is to create paradise on earth starting at the kitchen garden


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