....................In your hands is the power of the empire...............

....................In    your    hands    is    the    power    of    the    empire...............

PDC - Permaculture Design Course

PDC - Permaculture Design Course
S.Miguel Island - Azores - Portugal - 11 to 20 February 2019

Use the CSE Comunity Supported Education

Permaculture is to live in harmony with nature providing for human needs and the needs of everything around us

The New School Permaculture Family

Internship - Amazon Jungle - Peru

PDC - Andes - Peru

PDC - Portugal
Permaculture garden Course - Madeira

PDC - La Gomera island - Spain

Permaculture Social Course - Madeira Island - Portugal

PDC - Braga - Transition Town

Permaculture Social Course - Tuscany - Italy
 PDC - Coja -Portugal

 PDC - La Gomera island - Spain

PDC - Tenerife island - Spain

PDC - Tenerife island - Spain

 Permaculture Forest Course - Tuscany - Italy

 Diploma - Slovenia

Aid work - Haiti

IPC11 International Permaculture Congress 

EUPC European Permaculture Convergence Italy

Farmers Handbook....its amazing and its for free ;)

This is one of my favorite permaculture books, specialy usefull for people that work with farmers

Farmers’ Handbook© Chris Evans and Jakob Jespersen
Not to be used for commercial purposes
Volumes are organised by zone-appropriate subject.
Volume 1: Inside the House (Zone 0)
Volume 2: Near the House (Zones 1-2)
Volume 3: Near the House (Zones 1-2)

Volume 4: The Fields (Zones 3-4)
Volume 5: Zone 5 & issues across all zones or without a zone

New years PDC Permaculture Design Course with the NEW School in Florida USA

New School Permaculture PDC
Tampa Bay Area - Florida - USA

The New School is going to celebrate its 1st year anniversary in Florida teaching an amazing series of courses and to spend NEW YEARS EVE with its students in an amazing PARTY ;)

There is the option for students to have a 12 day Urban Permaculture PDC thru New Years Eve

REGISTER HERE FOR THE PDC: https://wegrowfromhere.wufoo.com/forms/pdc-registration/

12 days Urban Permaculture Design Course PDC
- 26 Dec to 9 Jan (2 Day break for New Year's Eve & Day)


26 - 27 Dec Introduction to Permaculture Course


28 - 29 - 30 Dec People Care Course (First half day is free for locals)


31 - 1 Dec Time off for community building and celebration
2 - 9 Jan PDC Permaculture Design course

18 -24 Jan Creative Teachers training course *NEW*

This course is a partnering between the New School Permaculture with "We Grow From Here" a local non-profit...and hosted by "Casa Seranita" demonstration permaculture foodscape and education center.

This course will be held at Casa Seranita in Palm Harbor Florida, just outside of Tarpon Springs.

sublimart ( @ ) hotmail.com
loretta (at) WeGrowFromHere.com

REGISTER HERE: https://wegrowfromhere.wufoo.com/forms/new-school-course-registration/

Please register through the Eventbrite link above (GET TICKETS) for the free intro half day.

The New School Permaculture PDC is centred on the needs of the student.

This course is presented by creative non formal education methods, that are based on creating a bridge between the right and left side of the brain, so that the analytical and creative abilities of the students get fully stimulated and get the most out of the experience...for many people is the most empowering and inspiring transformative process of their lives...and they carry this with them everywere they go....and thats our goal.

Whatever your plans for the future are, the Permaculture Design Course will give you the perspective and tools required to find positive solutions towards a sustainable life....that creates abundance for all organisms and natural systems.

The course follows a set syllabus and leads to the internationally recognised Permaculture Design Certificate.

Taught by Helder Valente of the New School Permaculture. Helder studied and worked with Bill Mollison, Sepp Holzer, Doug Bullock, Rosemary Morrow, Darren dougherty, Ernst Gotsh and others, and is now teaching all over the world, he started in 2009 teaching permaculture to students at the agriculture university and since then learning and teaching on many different climates. While living in the city he dedicated 3 years on developing a urban permaculture project in the center of Lisbon and co created the Portuguese Permaculture Institute. That's how it all started. Helder never stopped and this last months spent his time working with Quechua farmers in the Andes and designing projects in the Amazon jungle.

This course will be in the beautiful area of Tamba bay area with amazing microclimates.

The subjects covered during this Permaculture Design Course include:

The ethics and principles of Permaculture
Learning strategies
Pattern in design
Water preservation
Forests and trees
Soils building
Buildings and natural construction
Alternative economies
Community development

The first two days of this course can be booked as an Introduction to Permaculture course, or you can remain for the the full PDC.

Donation to cover costs

$100 for the Intro 
$150 for the People Care 3 days
$950 for the 8 day intensive PDC
$1150 for full course - for 12 days Includes New Years PARTY
*NEW* $660 for teachers Training course--sign up with deposit by Jan 1st and get $100 off! 

DO NOT BE SHY--ASK ABOUT SCHOLARSHIPS--once the class minimum is met (we are halfway there!) we will be opening to more students!

Take people care/intro together for $200 
~for unemployed
~for PDC graduates
~Students of the New School
~Groups of over 4 people
~Someone that can edit and film the event

Bring 4 friends and you get the course for free ;)

First half day is free:
1/2 day Intro Dec 26th
1/2 day People Care Dec 28th
1/2 day PDC Jan 2nd
1/2 day is up to lunch at noon

This will be an AMAZING experience the New School will be comming from Haiti with many ideas to present

Stay connected and share ;)

O que é Permacultura e transição em Portugal?

Grupo informal, Madeira em Transição promove cursos de Permacultura, alertando a comunidade para que viva em harmonia com a natureza e com os outro.

Podcast completo em:

How can we make the best fertilizers?

By Albert Bates

more: http://peaksurfer.blogspot.com
We have been delving into the dirty secret behind our food, which is that it comes from bacteria, primarily, with considerable assistance from a social network of fungi, nematodes, micro-arthropods and soil-dwelling microbes of various descriptions, many
This week we asked Joey “Mr Tea” Thomas to come dose the Ecovillage Training Center with his eclectic brew of liquid compost. Mr Tea’s recipe is as good as any batch of Biodynamic Preps or EM (Effective Micro-organisms) you might already be using. It is inestimably superior to MiracleGrow® or other commercial, bagged soil amendments. 

In a large stainless steel tank retrofitted with aerating pipes, Mr Tea combines de-chlorinated warm water and…

The kelp, fish oil, and most of the composts provide rich food for the microbes while they brew. The humates are million-year old deposits with diverse paleobacteria. The bat guano is drawn from distant caves rich in trace minerals and packed with still more varieties of exotic bacteria. The two kinds of soil contain a complex of two discrete living microbiomes, one the fungally-rich virgin forest and the other a bacterially dominated grasslands. The fine biochar particulates provide enough soil structure to retain water – about 10 times the volume of the biochar itself — and aerobic conditions, while providing a coral reef-like microbial habitat. The animal manures, worm castings, feather meal and compostables all contribute to the biodiversity of available microfauna. 
In the world of bacterial epigenetics, dictated by the particular demands of diverse members of the web in different seasons and weather conditions, this is a supermarket of genotypes that allow the bacteria to switch up and morph into whatever might be needed for soil health and fertility, capturing passing genes and unlocking regions of their DNA and RNA to provide new or ancient solutions to current conditions. 

Bandwidth permitting, you can watch this video that's so sexy it should be x-rated. This is a revolution disguised as organic gardening. The sex is going on right in front of the camera, you’d just need a microscope to see  it. Use your imagination.

European permaculture teachers partnership in videos

We have been having several meetings with the European permaculture teachers partnership.

Here is a videos about our meeting in England with the support of the british permaculture association

MAN...Looking for evolution

Carbon omissions

Animación de apenas 3 minutos que resume la paradoja del crecimiento económico sin fin y propone el urgente sinceramiento de las políticas gubernamentales para abandonar la fantasía productivista globalizada, siendo ésta la principal causa del cambio climático de origen antrópico y de la creciente presión extractivista sobre los ecosistemas. Al mismo tiempo este corto nos invita a reflexionar sobre la necesidad de producir localmente y sólo aquello que resulta necesario. Esta perspectiva decrecentista sin dudas implica una descomunal reconfiguración de la economía, pero todo parece indicar que es el único camino posible para la humanidad.

Los subtítulos fueron realizados por la Red de la Transición - Comarca Andina - Patagonia Argentina.
Más información sobre todas estas cuestiones en nuestro sitio web: entransicion.com.ar

Helder Valente and the New School Permaculture ?

 Helder Valente em Portugues clica AQUI
Helder Valente River of life click HERE

Helder Valente was born in the rural countryside of Portugal and raised in a family of sustainably living farmers, times wen oil was not a part of the current culture, neither was television. 

Already as a child he began observing the phenomenon of patterns in nature and the way elements relate and interact,.

The connection with the language of nature was present at a very early age.

Wille living in an urban situation and practicing his gardening knowledge at the same time, he was introduced to permaculture, by that time he was supporting the development of a social center near the Sintra mountains in Portugal and working as an artist. Since then he has been researching and implementing sustainable structures in different social and ecological situations.
This past years he has been learning and working with recognized permaculturists like the cocreator of permaculture Bill Mollison, and other pioneers of this movement like Geoff Lawton, Doug Bullock, Rosemary Morrow, Darren Doherty and Sepp Holzer, to name a few, and in the major world climatic regions. In this process Helder has been researching & implementing sustainability principles in a wide variety of environments ,from urban and rural plotting in the north and south of Europe to the the arid landscapes of Egypt & Turkey and lately big scale areas of tropical jungles of Peru and Brazil, having the deep pleasure of sharing knowledge with tribal communities of the Andes and the Amazon jungle with the Quechua and Shipibo indigenous people.

Helder is now part of the european permaculture teachers partnership that functions as a networking generator to create exchange of information around permaculture education and is also involved with the permaculture council for europe, that is organizing the next european permaculture convergence in Bulgaria

He has been ever expanding his expertise in diverse social and ecological contexts and finished the permaculture diploma theses with the british permaculture association around the subject of non formal education in permaculture as a way to support the future generations and became a tutor for the permaculture diploma jouneymans.

In this maturing process he has been developing his own teaching style and created a nomadic educational program called “The New School Permaculture”, that is a mixture of many different pedagogic methods, and adding some spices of game therapy, its a form of education in wich he provides permaculture knowledge , totally based on the needs of the student, so by that ...learner centered…and with a big focus on the creation of connections between the right and left side of the brain, to support the development of the full potential of the learner... he calls that creative empowering education.
He presents a series of permaculture courses that are taught as an interactive design experience customized for any particular landscape or community and that is known to be deeply transformative

Through this experience Helder creates an intensive social interdependent network of ideas and creativity. Indeed a great opportunity to learn with a teacher of the "new school" of permaculture. After this you will never be the same…Guaranteed!!!

Helder Valente em Portugues clica AQUI
Helder Valente River of life click HERE

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